About CWL

One Powerful Voice for Women 

CWL, with its statewide focus and headquarters in Sacramento, is uniquely well situated to develop and implement an advocacy agenda.  This year, we have been productively engaged in the courts, the legislatures and the media. 

California Women Lawyers promotes the advancement of women in the legal profession and is an active advocate for the concerns of women in society.

Since 1974, CWL has represented the interests of more than 30,000 women in all facets of the legal profession, influencing lawyers, educators, students and judges. CWL has consistently provided a high level of support and commitment to their individual career goals, and to the collective goals of women in law and society.

As the only statewide bar association for women in California, California Women Lawyers maintains a primary focus on advancing women in the legal profession. CWL provides unique resources and support to its members. Whether it is helping new practitioners expand their client base or assisting experienced attorneys in securing positions on the bench, CWL is an invaluable resource for the professional advancement of women lawyers.