District Governor Election Results

Congratulations to the District Governors who will be installed on the 2017-2018 CWL Board of Governors at the 2017 Annual Dinner!

District 1:
Amelia Burroughs
Jassen Malloy LLP   
District 2:
Theresa Barfield
Somach Simmons & Dunn  
District 3:
Dorothy Chou Proudfoot
Marin County District Attorney's Office
District 3: 
Amee Mikacich
Sedgwick LLP 
District 4:
Nicole Sugnet
Supreme Court of California   
District 4:
Suzette Torres
North American Title Company
District 5: 
Sabrina Ashjian
Fresno County District Attorney's Office
District 6:
Danielle De Smeth 
Bamieh & Erickson, PLC  
District 7:
Catherine Bidart 
California Department of Justice 
District 7:
Connie L. Chen 
Jackson Lewis P.C.   
District 7:
Alison N. Kleaver 
California State University 
District 7:
Ana M. Storey 
Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center
District 8:
Betty Fracisco 
Garrett & Jensen  
District 9:
Michelle Ialeggio 
San Diego District Attorney's Office   
District 9:
Jodi Cleesattle 
California Department of Justice  

For further information please contact Vanessa Gonzales at (916) 930-9020 or vgonzales@cwl.org.

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